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  • Who is easi25?
    easi25 = easy-to-find

    easi25.com is an online directory service that serves as one stop search engine that caters for your online advertising needs.

    User may surf the website through www.easi25.com and www.easi25.net
  • What can I get on easi25.com?
    easi25 Online Directory is a very resourceful Online Business Directory which covers:
    • Shopping
    • Food & Beverages
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation
    • Others

    More importantly, we have recently incorporated new extra features for our members:
    • Job Vacancy
    • Promotion
  • What if my company is not listed
    We are constantly updating and expanding our database. We welcome all Business Owners to join our easi25 Community. Please submit your listing here. Please bear in mind that we do not permit the following:

    we strictly prohibit the following
    • Foul language and/or obscene images
    • Sexual, illegal, or violent content and/or images
    • Insulting, defamatory, and/or misleading content
    • Copyrighted material
    • Spamming
    • Any items that the management of easi25 deem inappropriate or in violation of the law
  • What if I found incorrect information of my company / product / service on easi25.com?
    We are doing our best to ensure the listing content is accurate but due to our large volume of listing, correction or changes may be delayed. Please feel free to notify our Customer Service Department at customerservice@easi25.com
  • Why do you have listing in Malaysia only?
    We are starting with Business Listing for Malaysia initially. Expansion into the neighboring countries is in the work. Come back to visit us often.
  • How do I search for information I need?
    User may insert the keyword of the products / service they are looking in the search box for direct results.

    Alternatively user may click on the 5 main Product Categories which represented by different Icon to conduct more precise search base on different Sub-Category.

    We also offer Refine Search function to provide the options for user to make decision based on their specific requirement. User can filter the search result by Country / State / City / Keyword / Show Nearby Areas.
  • What are the benefits for easi25 members?
    • To post your business listing for global exposure at affordable expenses
    • To write Review on the Products / Services offered by our advertiser
    • easi25, Life-is-Simple. User may search for the products / service through internet.
    • To recruit / apply Job locally and internationally
    • To advertise Latest Promotion / download Promotion Voucher

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